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Dr Song has the experience and expertise to provide the entire implant treatment from start to finish, meaning you no longer need to see multiple specialists to complete your dental implant.

First, a 3-D digital x-ray of your mouth (cone beam CT) is taken. This 3-D image allows for a clearer view of the treatment area, showing both hard and soft tissue.

Next, through a computer simulation of the implant procedure, Dr Song will be able to precisely plan your surgery.

A surgical guide is produced from our computer data and scans, which allow for the titanium implant to be placed at the ideal angle and depth during surgery.

This implant acts as the tooth root and Dr Song will then place a dental crown on top to finish off the dental implant.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry is the most advanced and clinically successful therapy available to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Improved Quality Of Life

The ability to enjoy a wide variety of food
No need for messy dental adhesives
Implants are cared for just like natural teeth.

Preserve Natural Facial Contours

May help to prevent bone resorption, therefore preserving
natural facial contours.

Better Health

Improve chewing and therefore, aid in digestion.

Greater Self-Confidence

May limit uncomfortable moments with partials or dentures
Most like natural teeth.